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Rota Move


The Rota Move allows a safe pivot transfer and combines as a transporter eliminating the need for a wheelchair or commode chair to take a patient/client to bed, toilet or living area. The handlebar and rotating disc allows the client to pull or push them self into a standing position either with or without assistance. Once stood on the rotating disc the client can be gently rotated to a different position in order to be ...

rota move
Drive Medical Casa Lift Hoist


This lift device is very lightweight but still very user friendly and versatile. The travel leg design makes it safer to use. This travel leg design is spread to make it more stable and thus the risks related are very less. While traveling you don’t need to worry about the casalift’s transportation as it can be dis-mantled and mantled easily.

The design is very compact moreover; the light weight makes it ...

drive medical casa lift hoist
Invacare Birdie Compact Hoist


With maximum space for the user, the Invacare Birdie offers a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or even the floor. The lifters are designed to ensure that folding and unfolding can be carried out easily and without the need for tools. In addition, the lifter can be dismantled into two parts if needed– also without tools.

Features Max User Weight: 150KGS Width: 55cm Product Weight: ...

invacare birdie compact hoist
Rota Stand


Promoting safer movement - Allows a safe, smooth and controlled swivel transfer - Reduces the need to hold a person during a transfer - Encourages an independent and dignified transfer The Rota Stand has been developed to allow an assisted transfer from one seated position to another. The frame, shin pad, and turntable combine to give optimum safety to both carer and individual during the transfer. The central wheels are a ...

rota stand
Rota Stand Solo


The Rota Stand Solo revolutionises sit to stand and pivot transfers. The patented mechanism in the base allows a sit to stand and pivot transfer to be carried out by a single nurse or carer thus reducing the time it takes to carry out the task as well as halving the cost of having two carers/nurses present during transfer. The nurse/carer does not need to counterbalance the Rota Stand Solo as the client pulls themself to a ...

rota stand solo
Bariatric Perching Stool With Back And Arms 40 Stone


Torbay Bariatric Perching Stools are specifically designed for bariatric use. Features of this range of bariatric perching stools include adjustable height, wide seat frame, reduced incline for comfort and safety, large footprint for greater stability and a V-shaped front brace for safety and strength. The Torbay Bariatric Perching Stool range is comprehensive enough for most needs, with options including perching stools ...

bariatric perching stool with back and arms 40 stone
Ring Seat Cushion


Polyurethane ring shaped cushion helps reduce

pressure. It has a removable, washable cotton cover.

ring seat cushion
Set of 4 Chair Raisers


Ideal for raising chairs, beds and other furniture to a more convenient height. Broad-based for stability. Simple to use. Strong and reliable. Low, durable lip around the top of each raiser helps to prevent furniture legs from sliding off. Maximum user weight 140kg (22 stone).

DIMENSIONS Size: 9.5 x 16 x 15cm Colours: Black

set of 4 chair raisers
Grey Swivel Seat Cushion


• Foam Padded Grey Cushion • Ideal for Assisting with Seated Transfers • Rotates 360˚ degrees

DIMENSIONS Length : 59cm Width : 63cm

grey swivel seat cushion
Lille Classic Bed Extra 60cm x 90cm


The Lille Classic Bed pads are disposable bed pads designed to protect furniture such as beds and chairs from accidental leaks.

Lille Classic Bed offer excellent liquid diffusion and absorption due to the embossing and wicking featured in each pad. Latex Free Dimension: 60cm x 90cm Absorbency: 1500ml

lille classic bed extra 60cm x 90cm
Extra Deep Lap Tray


The extra deep lap tray is ideal to carry food and drink safely as the tray has high sides to prevent cups and plates slipping off.

Designed to be lightweight, the extra deep lap tray can hold a dinner plate, cup and cutlery.

extra deep lap tray
Leg Support


Memory Foam arched cushion helps maintain a relaxed posture and prevents the user from sliding down in bed. Relieves the pressure on legs giving a sense of relaxation. Cover can be removed for easy cleaning.

DIMENSIONS Size: 9 x 35 x 28cm Colours: Blue

leg support
Orthopaedic Seat Cushion


A wedge shaped cushion that promotes correct sitting position with a cutaway section which relieves pressure on the tailbone and spine. Designed with a built in handle for portability the cushion is made with fire retardant material. The breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable while remaining water / stain resistant that is easily wiped clean.

DIMENSIONS Size: 36.5 x 44 x 8cm Colours: Black

orthopaedic seat cushion
Lille Classic Bed Extra 60cm x 60cm


The Lille Classic Bed pads are disposable bed pads designed to protect furniture such as beds and chairs from accidental leaks.

Lille Classic Bed offer excellent liquid diffusion and absorption due to the embossing and wicking featured in each pad. Latex Free Dimension: 60cm x 60cm Absorbency: 950ml

lille classic bed extra 60cm x 60cm
Folding Handy Helper Footstool

A useful stool for those hard to reach areas, this sturdy stool with non-slip surface is ideal for use around the home.


Depth: 26cm Width: 33.5cm Height: 28cm Colours: Assorted blue / white Maximum load: 65kg (10 stone)

folding handy helper footstool
Senset Seat Pad Pink


The Senset seat pad is ideal for use in the home, car or wheelchair the seat pads give protection for your chairs.

Designed with a waterproof backing, the washable seat pads have an absorbance capacity of 1 litre. Machine washable at 60°C (wash once before use), the seat pad can be tumble dried at low temperatures and are not to be used with bleach or fabric softener. Product Code:  Pink: 826SP4960   ...

senset seat pad pink
Wheat and Lavender Neck Pillow


Ideal warming and aroma therapy for muscle aches, headaches, arthritis and back ache. The hot water bottle shaped pillow has all the natural soothing benefits of lavender. The soft antipilling fleece pillows contain 800g of natural wheat which can be simply warmed in the microwave and place anywhere on the body for relief.

`DIMENSIONS Size: 47 x 12cm Colour: Pink and Lilac

wheat and lavender neck pillow
Infatable Neck Pillow


• Lightweight and Ideal for Travelling • Deflated Folds to Pocket Size • Smooth Flock Finish • For Use in Cars and on Chairs

DIMENSIONS Length : 28cm Width : 43.2cm

infatable neck pillow